The company

The company and its development


Company birth

Its founder and director is Sandro Ruggeri Dulcet, professional translator and interpreter since 1995, the year it began providing services to several local clients and businesses in the industry.


Customers & Services

For the last decade, HUMANA COM & TRAD has provided service in interpretation and translation at more than 300 international conferences and meetings, of which 233 correspond to interpretation services (75%) and 92 to translation services. The company now has a portfolio of 263 customers among fixed and occasional clients.


Translators & Locals

Thirty-nine of our professional translators have provided translation and proofreading services, as well as 97 interpreters, both local and from several cities in cities in Brazil, and from French Guiana, Suriname and Guyana.


Most common subjects

The most recurrent themes, both in translation and interpreting services, are environmental issues, scientific research (zoology, anthropology, botany), social policies, sustainable forest management, sustainable social and economic development, etc.

Company Foundation

Reason, Future and Values of the Company


The mission of HUMANA COM & TRAD is to offer high quality translation and interpreting services, with quality and competence, attracting, serving and earning client fidelity.


We wish to continue being a leading and differentiated company in the market of quality language-service providers, creating added value for those who directly or indirectly participate in it.


The values ​​that inspire us and guide the company’s strategy and action are dedication and enthusiasm at work, organization, transparency, care and rational use in the treatment of available human…

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