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Translation & Simultaneous Interpretation to & and from any language

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Translation & Simultaneous Interpretation to & and from any language

HUMANA COM & TRAD is a language services company based in Belém do Pará, in the Brazilian Amazon since 2008. For the last decade, the company has provided more than 300 interpretation and translation services of which 233 correspond to interpretation services (75%) and 92 to translation jobs.

Besides that, the company has had a history of training courses for new interpreters since 2009. HUMANA COM & TRAD celebrates now more than 12 years. This anniversary brings back memories of more than a decade of professional experiences and continued learning. We want to share with everyone who made this dream come true.


In site or remote simultaneous interpreting.


Technical, juridical texts & audiovisual.


Professional training for translators and interpreters.


Who we are

Its founder and director is Sandro Ruggeri Dulcet, professional translator and interpreter since 1995, the year it began providing services to several local clients and businesses in the industry.


Where are we

The structure and organization of HUMANA COM & TRAD allows us to have great agility as well as geographical mobilit, attending service demands away from our headquarter in Belém do Pará.

Our Customers

More than 300 interpretation and translation services


Broad Experience

The company has served a diverse audience of researchers, students, staff and members of research institutions and knowledge dissemination faculty members, and NGOs around the globe.


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Institute’s activities

Institute’s activities

Recycling Campaign  Recycling Campaign at the Institute, as well as in homes and businesses in the same town.     PS Exchange Library  Creation and labeling of books in the Institute's Social and Public Exchange Library, as well as dissemination and promotion of...

Translation Nowadays

Translation Nowadays

Portfoli of Customers and Seervices  Regarding written translation, some of HUMANA's main clients have been: Regarding written translation, some of HUMANA's main clients have been: Instituto Floresta Tropical, Museu Paraense Emílio Goeldi, UN agencies UNICEF, UNEP,...

ISP Works

ISP Works

Versatility  Throughout the first ten years of its trajectory, HUMANA COM & TRAD has provided 233 interpretation services in events of a wide variety of disciplines and themes. Of particular note are congresses, meetings and colloquia on political, legal or...

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